Well, I put some serious time into questing this weekend, and for one shining moment I saw 750 gold, at which point my best friend Saint signed on and bought his Green Windrider. Needless to say, I am back down to 250. I keep telling myself I will save up, hardcore, for my epic… but Saint comes first. He’s a Priest, my best friend and the totally platonic love of my life. What am I supposed to say to that? “No, I’m not going to help you; go get your own gold!” Of course not.

Alas, I’ll save up that 5000g sooner or later. I even have a vague plan worked out to do it. I really need to be better about diligently doing the dailies. Vaten, my other best friend (also, boyfriend and pet Warlock), and I did the starter quests for Ogri’la yesterday, which opened up a few dailies. If I can do those and the daily BG, that’s a little chunk of gold every day. I need to power level skinning so I can use that while I’m farming Apexis Shards. It wouldn’t hurt to circle a couple zones for mining nodes, either, and farm up some ore. If I do that, work on some primals here and there, farm some netherweave… Surely, one day, I’ll see that 5000 mark.

How did you fund your epic? Or how are you planning to?

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