Alright, doing fluff posts is breaking my heart a little, because I have this growing list of topics I want to talk about, but I’ve either got to break them down into multiple, smaller posts or find some serious time to sit down and write things out. Unfortunately (kind of), my life offline has just developed a new activity for me to pour my time into.

I auditioned for a play on Saturday. I’ve never acted before… At the arts high school I went to, I majored in creative writing, and since then I’ve dabbled in other areas of art, but I never imagined I’d get involved in acting. But the university news update mentioned these upcoming auditions for The Vagina Monologues, and I couldn’t resist. I’ve never seen/read/heard it before, not entirely, but I know it by name, theme, criticism and controversy, and when I saw that auditions were coming up, I thought, “How awesome would that be, to be able to say ‘I acted in The Vagina Monologues?'” So I auditioned. I found out yesterday I made it, and tonight I go for a read-through and the cast assignments.

The performance is March 29. Rehearsals aren’t all too often, but it does mean I’ll be shorter still on time. So you can expect fluff posts here and there for a little bit. I will try to sit down soon and break down the actual posts into more manageable pieces so I can get back to blogging about the important stuff (and playing WoW, period) as soon as possible. In the meantime… hey, did yall hear that in patch 2.4, Improved Mend Pet’s chance to remove a Curse/Disease/Magic/Poision effect will go up from 15/50% to 50/100%?