My return to the blogosphere was going to be an angry, somewhat heartbroken rant about my skills as a hunter, the way other players tend to view hunters and how the warrior had no cause to blame me for the party’s wipe on Ahune.

In the end, though, I couldn’t bring myself to finish that post. Honestly, I get upset just thinking about it. The warrior was downright mean, downright rude, and… although the comments were poorly spelled, totally ungrammatical and generally unintelligent, they still struck a nerve with me, because I’ve been working for so long to develop a reputation as one of the few, proud Good Hunters.

Frankly, I just didn’t think that would be a good way to make a return to my little blog. Instead, I come bearing Phat Lootz!

I’ve been working hard to better my gear outside of Karazhan, because I don’t really get opportunities to raid between my schedule and my very casual, pre-raiding guild–a whole nother post I need to make, because honestly, I really want to start raiding on a regular basis.

This past Friday, I finished farming for a particularly pretty little piece of gear:

Ain’t it shiny? Not twenty-four hours later, I finished farming for another shiny item:

And my stats–and performance–are suddenly quite a bit prettier. My tooltip damage is sitting at 320.3, a number I am quite proud of, especially since I went into Karazhan last night and saw higher numbers than I ever hoped I’d see. I hit a personal highest boss-dps on Illhoof with 813 DPS. I averaged about 580 for the whole raid, and we downed everyone but Netherspite and Nightbane, because we ran out of time. I need to work on hitting the Kill Command every time it’s up, and I need to work on mana efficiency. Need to brush up on my traps again, too. In the two months or so I was away from Warcraft, I’m sorry to say I became pretty rusty at chain trapping.

As I get back into things on sunny Dragonmaw, I’m planning to start posting again, as well. It’s been a while, but it’s good to be back.