Haven’t had a chance yet to test that shot rotation understanding I feel like I’ve developed. Hopefully I’ll get a shot this weekend if/when I get into Karazhan. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Have, however, been doing some battlegrounds. I’d like to get my paws on the S2 pants so I have something a little better, even if it is a “welfare epic.” People, I know that PvP gear is not meant for PvE, but it’s an attainable upgrade to what I’ve currently got. I thought about getting badge pants, but I decided that since Kara just will not drop a new ranged weapon for me, I’m going to drop the 150 badges on that uglier-than-a-male-Orc-in-a-dress crossbow. I need to work on some arenas; I want to get the S3 axe, as well. So my badges and my arena points are already called; that leaves honor points, and given my desperation for new pants, I’ll settle for S2 right now and pray, in the meantime, for Karazhan to have some flipping mercy and give me what I need already.

Actually, I have a pretty extensive gear planner worked up in Google Docs. I make notes often about my progress toward specific items, my goals for other items, and what I need to be doing on a regular basis to keep improving my gear. I should publish that and link to it on here sometime; it’s definitely a key part of my game-play.